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i n n

say you aint seen me in a long time wassup wit u
i dont party no more, i got stuff to do
when i pull up, hop out stunt, that aint nuttin’ new
dont think cuz we dont talk, i dont fuck with u

just tryna
(get it in x3)

why you be waistin’ time with them other dudes
we be up to shit yo girls would love to do
you dont run yo mouth thats why i fucks wit u
know you wana kiss that pink, i got some for you

is u tryna?
(get it in x3)

i dont even smoke no more, but my brothers do
every’ now n’ then i might take a puff or two
i aint into waitin time thats what suckas do
and time is money girl yeah i know you know
riding round, roling round, downtown
city lights, high heels, blow sounds
im makin it, but takin it slowly
might know of me, but girl you dont know me

(get it in x3)